Weight Management:

Weight managementWhat to expect:

Initial Assessment for new clients:


  1. I have you fill out a very detailed food and medical history form
  2. 1 hour appointment to discuss your health status and goals, we will also discuss body mass intake, resting energy expenditure, take measurements and discuss exercise
  3. You keep a very detailed food record for 7-14 days
  4. Follow up appointment to discuss recommendations for calorie levels and foods that fit your needs and goals. I will give you a complete and detailed analysis of your diet to analyze your carbohydrate, fat, protein, fiber, fluid, vitamin and mineral intake compared to your individual needs.


Where do we go from there?

Follow up appointments or packages to fit your individual needs


Weight Management tools:

  • Mindful eating techniques 
  • Home pantry assessment
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Nutrition follow up packages
  • Ongoing diet analysis
  • Menu creation
    • Personalized to fit your health and caloric needs based on goals and recommendations