Sports Nutrition:


Nutrition is a key component to success in sports whether you are a new recreational athlete or a seasoned competitor!

What to expect:

Initial Assessment for new clients:

  1. I have you fill out a very detailed food, exercise and medical history form
  2. 1 hour appointment to discuss your health status and sports specific goals, we will discuss body mass intake, resting energy expenditure and exercise
  3. You keep a very detailed food record for 3-5 days
  4. Follow up appointment to discuss recommendations for calorie levels and foods that fit your needs and goals. I will give you a complete and detailed analysis of your diet to compare your carbohydrate, fat, protein, fiber, fluid, vitamin and mineral intake compared to your individual sports needs.


 Additional Sports Nutrition Packages:

Kris Cannon

  • Discuss in detail and establish individual recommendations for:
    • Carbohydrate
    • Protein
    • Fat
    • Supplements
    • Fluid
  • Menu creation
  • Sports ergogenic aids
  • Exercise and chronic disease- what you need to know


Please see how LEAP MRT testing may help athletes under the LEAP tab above. 




Nutrition Prescription 2010 Sponsored Athletes:

Dave Marrs

Kris Cannon- Pro Mountain Biker

  • 18 Hours of Fruita 2009 Solo - 1st Place Solo Women
  • 24 Hour World Championsips 2009 - 6th Place Solo Women
  • 24 Hours in the Sage 2009 - 1st Place Solo Women
  • 24 hours in the Sage 2010- 1st place Solo Women- course record
  • 24 hours of Snowmass 2010- 2nd Solo woman
  • 24 Hours of Moab 2010- National Championships 2nd Solo Women

Nate Bird - Pro mountain biker                                                                                                                 

  • Bailey Hundo- 7th Pro men 2010
  • WildFlower Rush 40M Crested Butte- 2nd Pro men 2010
  • Marathon Nationals -14th  Pro Men 2010
  • Trans Rockies 2010- 7 day Stage Race (Canada)- 4th place Duo Pro 
  • 24 hours of Snowmass 2010 - 1st Male Duo
  • 24 hours of Moab 2010- National Championships 2nd Male Duo